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There are LOTS of GREAT reasons to join ACPA and ACPA-MI

Networking, Education, Experience, Leadership Opportunities, Friends, and Much More!

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Types of Memberships

All memberships are valid for one calander year and will carry over to any institution or position. At the end of the year you will be asked to renew your membership with your most accurate information.

ACPA-Michigan chapter only membership

If you are not interested in being a member of ACPA International, but want to remain active in your Local Chapter, we offer an option for ACPA Local Memberships. This membership type is ideal for those who wish to focus on location-specific issues and make their geographical region a better place for student affairs and higher education professionals.

What you get:

  • Chapter-specific communication
  • Access to your state/regional Chapter events
  • ACPA’s eCommunity weekly newsletter


  • $30 for professionals
  • $15 for graduate students
  • $10 for undergraduate students

ACPA individual membership

Access to all ACPA-Michigan membership perks and

Professional Development & Education

Networking and Involvement Opportunities

And more

What people say about it

ACPA has been my professional home for many years. I have had the privilage of sampling others but I truely believe in the mission of this organization. I have always had the individual membership because I didn't know there were state memberships, had I had known I would have been more involved over the years. The individual membership let's me travel and see other places as I learn but it feels so highstakes, I had so much anxiety about travel and presenting. I wish I could have known about the state membership earlier in my career.

Headshot of Yasas Vithanage

Yasas Vithanage

Central Michigan University

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