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ACPA-Michigan is a state division of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA)

Since 1952, ACPA-Michigan has been Michigan’s comprehensive professional development organization for college student educators.

We provide a forum for networking, professional development, and research and publishing opportunities for professionals working in higher education. Our members come from a wide array of student and academic affairs functions, and from institutions all over the state of Michigan. Our members work in areas such as Academic Advising, Residence Life, Career Services, Student Activities, Multicultural Services, and many others. In addition, our members represent over 40 different institutions across the state of Michigan, including both 2-year and 4-year as well as private and public institutions. We appeal to all levels of professional experience from graduate students to teaching faculty and from new professionals to senior student affairs officers.

Being a comprehensive organization not only impacts the make-up of our membership but it also influences our purpose and programming. MCPA recognizes that members of the higher education community are connected through a commitment to college student learning and development. To assist our members in fulfilling that commitment, we strive to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth that will enhance the work of all student affairs professionals regardless of functional area, institutional type, or years in the field. We focus our programming on information regarding effective programs, research, theory development, diversity issues, legal issues, and ethical dilemmas in the areas of student development relevant to institutions of higher education in Michigan.

A collage of previous ACPA-MI members


The Michigan division of the ACPA College Student Educators International (ACPA-Michigan) promotes and enhances student success through the professional development of college student practitioners and educators.


To be a leader within the state of Michigan in providing resources and initiatives that enhance student success, sustainability, and inclusion.


  1. Make all development opportunities accessible in location, cost, and ability.
    • Host drive-in conferences at free or reduced cost to foster participation and access to community colleges and graduate students.
    • Host digital social events for networking and self-care.
    • All materials provided to membership must meet a minimum universal design threshold.
  2. Rebuild the leadership team with a foundation of essentialism.
    • Review all role descriptions for accuracy and relevance.
    • Pause election structure till December 31st, 2023, to re-establish the organization.
    • Fill updated positions with individuals who are passionate about service and justice.
  3. Spearhead the education and implementation of Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization (SIRJD) in Michigan.
    • Update ACPA-MI commitments to reflect SIRJD.
    • Provide education to members on SIRJD using different modalities.
    • Create peer-peer work and support groups for professionals leading SIRJD work in their institutions.
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