Getting to the Summit & Information


Building/Parking Maps for Summit and instructions on how to get to the facilities and rooms, including parking:

When you arrive to the UM-Flint campus, please park in the visitor parking that is located in the Mill Street Ramp located on Mill Street (see map - park in 21, go to 18). All other maps with parking information and campus buildings, including the 2018 ACPA-MI Equity and Inclusion Summit rooms located at the Harding Mott University Center and at the David M. French Hall, are also attached. We are also attaching the University of Michigan-Flint Handicap Parking Spots Map.

Heading toward the main campus building you will enter through the Harding Mott University Center (UCEN) where you will see the 2018 ACPA-MI Equity and Inclusion Summit registration table and be welcomed to the Happenings Room for continental breakfast, morning introductions and the opening keynote conversation. Lunch will also be held in the Happenings Room and as for both morning and  afternoon sessions,  they will be held in the David M. French Hall.


Presenters and Keynote speakers will get login information at the registration table. There will be technological assistance as needed (please connect with your registration hosts if you have any technological issues).

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